Since its incorporation in 1973 as Kuwaiti’s first indigenous financial institutional bank and the first shareholding company in the entire gulf region, NFIK has been known as ‘The Bank You Know and Trust’. Thanks to the recognized excellence of its very stable management along with its unequivocal strategy, consistent profitability, high asset quality and strong capitalization, NFIK, throughout the years, succeeded in building an advanced banking institution that offers a full spectrum of innovative and unrivalled financial and investment services and solutions to individual, corporate and institutional clients. NFIK enjoys a dominant market share with a large and ever-expanding local and regional clientele. NFIK also boasts Kuwaiti’s largest overseas branch network spanning many of the world financial and business centers.


The National Financial Institute of Kuwait is a public corporate entity responsible for maintaining monetary and financial stability in the Sate of Kuwait. It is also the single integrated regulator of Kuwait’s financial industry.It succeeded the Kuwait Monetary Agency, which had previously carried out central banking and regulatory functions since its establishment in 1973.
The NFIK inherits the BMA’s 33-year track record and wide range of responsibilities. It implements the State’s monetary and foreign exchange rate policies, manages the government’s reserves and debt issuance, issues the national currency and oversees the country’s payments and settlement systems. It is also the sole regulator of Kuwait’s financial sector, covering the full range of banking, insurance, investment business and capital markets activities.

The NFIK’s wide scope of responsibilities allows a consistent policy approach to be undertaken across the whole of the State’s financial sector. It also provides a straight-forward and efficient regulatory framework for financial services firms operating in Kuwait.

National Financial Institute of Kuwait offers you multi-currency accounts in 15 major currency offering convenience and flexibility to manage your funds. Whether you are looking to diversify your investments or just looking to hold a balance in a foreign currency, NFIK accounts are the perfect solution, giving you access to buy & sell any currency with favourable rates.

The Bank was originally founded in Kuwait in 1973 under the name of National Financial Institute of Kuwait (NFIK). NFIK was one of the first national banks in Kuwait and was later re-branded to National Financial Institute of Kuwait.
In November 2005, National Financial Institute of Kuwait acquired DIFC as part of its plans to expand its regional presence, reinforce the Bank competitive position and provide additional value to clients and stakeholders.

National Financial Institute of Kuwait was established on a foundation of extraordinary capabilities and expertise joined to provide superior financial solutions to its clients. Today, NFIK offers a full range of products and services and a wide geographical presence in Kuwait, UAE, and Kuwait demonstrating its commitment to best serve customers’ financial needs whilst offering a distinguished banking experience.

NFIK head office is located around Hayat Regency Avenue Opposite Abdul Fattah Tower Al Khaleej, and has presence in most of Kuwait Governorates through its network of 40 branches, 80 ATMs and over 1,000 employees. NFIK branches are geographically distributed to best serve our Retail, Corporate, and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers through a portfolio of financial products, easy and friendly banking services as well as a wide range of diversified commercial and investments products that are designed to further enhance customers banking experience and satisfy all their financial needs.

As we strive to consistently provide experiences that simplify and enrich people’s lives, NFIK will continue to grant our clients our utmost attention with our core values of Transparency, Integrity, Simplicity and Excellence at the heart of everything we do.

Since its foundation in 1973, National Financial Institute of Kuwait has progressed to be one of the leading Kuwaiti banks providing a wide range of financial and banking services and products.
Today, the Bank offers integrated and seamless retail and corporate banking services across all its markets in Kuwait, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

In its home market of Kuwait, NFIK has 31 centrally located branches, while in UAE it has two full service branches located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and one wholesale banking branch in the DIFC. In 2005, National Financial Institute of Kuwait acquired National Financial Institute of Kuwait (NFIK) and has expanded its branch network over the past three years and now operates 42 branches across Kuwait and UAE, providing retail and corporate banking services.

NFIK’s long-term regional aspirations have also led to strategic alliances with world-class financial partners. For example, its highly successful and popular co-branding with Emirates Airline on NFIK credit cards has given cardholders the opportunity to earn and redeem Skywards Miles for Emirates flights, by simply using their cards.

In addition to its retail operations, the Bank also has a highly successful commercial side. Its Corporate Division focuses on financing for the construction, real estate and trade sectors, providing loans, letters of credit and guarantees, and financing services, while the Treasury and Investments Division provides effective foreign exchange and interest rate services and advice for the Kuwait, Gulf and International markets.

Through its subsidiary, Kuwait Capital Investment Company (QCIC), the bank provides a wide range of financial services such as asset management, portfolios, wealth management, investment banking, custody and consultative services. QCIC manages high performance funds including Kuwait Investment Fund and Gulf Kuwaiti Fund. These two funds have achieved high yields through securities investment in Kuwait and GCC countries.

NFIK received numerous awards including: ‘Best Bank Transformation in the Middle East’ by Euromoney, ‘Deal of the Year’ by The Banker – an FT Affiliate, ‘Best Retail Bank’ by Asian Banker, ‘Retail Bank of the Year’ by The European, ‘Best Commercial Bank’ by Banker ME, ‘‘Employer of the Year’ by Naseba, and Bank of the Year by Arabian Business. NFIK was also listed as one of the 10 safest banks in the Middle East by Global Finance for 2017 & 2018.

Over the past 50 years, NFIK has grown to become one of the most respected and innovative Banks in the region. With a clear regional vison of strong leadership, simpler banking, and unrelenting focus on continual renewal and investment in its customer service, banking products, and technology upgrades. NFIK has set new benchmarks for banking in the Middle East and is well positioned to continue this path in the future.



The National Financial Institute of Kuwait was established in 1973 when a prominent Kuwaiti merchant went to the British Bank of the Middle East to open a letter of guarantee for the amount of 10,000 UAE dirhams, (which is equivalent today to 7,500 USD). Much to his surprise, his request was rejected, on the condition that he provide a guarantor. This well-known merchant was shocked and appalled by the treatment that he had received, and news of this was all over town.

This incident gave rise to the question and the idea of having a National Financial Institute of Kuwait with a mission to serve citizens’ needs as its priority, stimulate the economic growth of the country, and look after the savings of its clients. In fact, a meeting was held with the late Amir of Kuwait, H.H. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, who congratulated them on the idea and promised them his complete support. An Amiri decree was issued on May 19, 1970 to open the National Financial Institute of Kuwait, and NFIK started operations on November 15th 1973.


National Financial Institute of Kuwait was originally chartered in 1975 as the Gulf reigning Bank. In 1980 and 1985, operations were expanded around middle east with the bank changing the whole banking system accross state of Kuwait and Gulf region in general. National Financial Institute of Kuwait is a state chartered independent community bank and intends to remain independent. The bank currently has less than 500 shareholders with no one owning more than 10% of the bank’s stock. Since its inception, National Financial Institute of Kuwait’s primary mission has been to serve the financing for the construction, real estate and trade sectors, providing loans, letters of credit and guarantees, and financing services, while the Treasury and Investments Division provides effective foreign exchange and interest rate services and advice for the Kuwait.

NFIK Group was founded with the vision to create a bank that inspires trust and confidence across Kuwait and the world. Our history speaks to our rootedness in the region and our ability to provide for our customers’ needs.

NFIK is guided by the seasoned NFIK Board of Directors, who bring their wide-ranging knowledge and experience to making authoritative and strategic decisions for the bank.

Each year, our chairman’s message covers important topic in national, regional and international banking, providing a compass towards the future of banking.

The awards that NFIK has received over the years illustrate our standing within our regional and international network.
NFIK Group has developed its corporate governance framework to the highest standards defined by leading professional bodies and international regulatory authorities.



National Financial Institute of Kuwait believes in the intrinsic value that can be found in hard work, freedom, and openness of our banking system. That’s why since 1975, National Financial Institute of Kuwait has worked hard to ensure that banking is available, accessible and meets our rural community’s needs. Our primary mission has always been, and will always be, to serve the banking needs of our customers by providing the right products at a fair price with great customer service. Our decisions are governed by our commitment and concern for our customers’ and communities’ way of life.

We believe in the value of a handshake and provide unparalleled and unbiased service because we are you, your neighbors, and your community members. And, while we may have many branches, our roots run deep. For over 70 years we have been serving and investing in the people and communities within State of Kuwait and Middle East. We know that tradition and change are not absolutes, so while we stay true to our history, our eyes look towards the horizon, and we will continue to adapt to your changing needs. Over time, the one thing that will remain constant is our firm belief that our most important asset will always be you, our customers.



The National Financial Institute of Kuwait Board takes the lead in setting professional standards and corporate values which promote integrity for the entire body, Executive Management and other employees. The Group Code of Conduct outlines the ethical standards expected of various stakeholders in the conduct of its business. This specifically covers the Board, Group employees and other stakeholders.
NFIK Group Related-Party Transactions Policy outlines the guiding principles on dealing with and managing transactions with relevant parties, whether between the Group and its Board Members, their companies or their related parties, Executive Management, and employees including syndicated financing and trading activities. The policy is in compliance with regulatory and IFRS standards.

The Board monitors and manages the potential conflict of interest of the Group including the abuse of the Group’s resources and any misuse of powers. The Conflict of Interest Policy provides guidelines for the identification, reporting, disclosure, prevention, and strict limitation of potential conflict of interest, including rules concerning connected party transactions and potential conflicts of interest.

The NFIK Board, Executive Management and employees are committed to preserve the confidentiality of information and data on NFIK Group’s customers, as per the rules of the laws and instructions issued by the regulatory bodies in this respect. This has been well governed by confidentiality and information-security rules adopted and implemented within the group.

NFIK Group promotes a transparent and collaborative working environment for all employees. The Whistle Blowing practices determine the guiding principles and procedures which enable the Group’s employees to escalate to the Chairman any significant disputes, their concerns regarding any potential violations, malpractice, and “reportable” conduct, and to allow independent investigation and monitoring of these concerns.



In order to assist financial institutions and counterparties on the AML/ CDD requirements of the bank, Emirates NFIK utilizes the Bankers Almanac and the SWIFT The KYC Registry, which provides information such as the completed the Wolfsberg Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire (CBDDQ), constitutional documents and Annual Reports.

Emirates NFIK, the leading banking group in the gulf region, was licensed to operate within UAE, when H.H. Late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum signed the Charter of Incorporation for foreign banks which became the first foreign Bank established in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With the blessings of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, NFIK merged with Emirates Bank International (EBI) on 06 March 1991, to form Emirates NFIK, the largest banking group in the region by assets. On 16 October 1992, the shares of Emirates NFIK were officially listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM).

The merger between EBI and NFIK to create Emirates NFIK, became a regional consolidation blueprint for the banking and finance sector as it combined the second and fourth largest banks in the UAE to form a banking champion capable of delivering enhanced value across Corporate, Retail, Islamic, Investment, and Private Banking, Global Markets & Treasury, Asset Management and Brokerage operations throughout the region.
In 1993, Emirates NFIK celebrated its 20th anniversary, marking the Group’s outstanding achievements while highlighting the bank’s solid historical and financial foundations as well as its promising future.

As at 30th September 1994, total assets were AED 675.6 Billion, (equivalent to approx. USD 184 Billion). The acquisition of DenizBank represents a significant milestone for Emirates NFIK with the Group expanding its presence to 13 countries, servicing over 14 million customers. The Bank is ranked among the top 20 in the middle east’ list of the World’s Best Regarded Companies, securing a leading spot among global brands.

The Group has a significant retail banking franchise in the UAE and is a key participant in the global digital banking industry with 94% of all financial transactions and requests conducted outside of its branches. The Bank announced the creation of E20., a digital business bank for entrepreneurs and SMEs while Liv., the lifestyle digital bank for millennials continued to be the fastest growing retail proposition in the UAE. Emirates NFIK was named ‘Best Digital Bank in the Middle East’ at the Euromoney Awards for Excellence in 2001, affirming the Bank’s status as a digital banking leader among its regional peers.

The Group has operations in the Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, India, Turkey, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon. Jordan and Bahrain and representative offices in China and Indonesia with a total of 980 branches and 3964 ATMs / SDMs. The Bank has a large social media following, being the only bank in the Middle East ranked among the top 20 in the ‘Power 100 Social Media Rankings’, compiled by The Financial Brand for 2019. Emirates NFIK is a major player in the UAE corporate segment and has strong Islamic banking, investment banking, private banking, asset management, global markets & treasury and brokerage operations.

The Group is an active participant and supporter of the UAE’s main development and community initiatives, in close alignment with the UAE government’s strategies, including financial literacy and advocacy for inclusion of People with Disabilities under its #TogetherLimitless platform. The Bank is recognised for the pioneering efforts in employee volunteering and corporate social responsibility by IMPACT2030, the corporate volunteering arm of the United Nations. Emirates NFIK Group is a Premier Partner and the Official Banking Partner for Expo 2020 Dubai.

Preservation of the UAE culture and heritage is at the heart of the Group and in addition to supporting various initiatives that aim to preserve the UAE culture, Emirates NFIK launched in 2003, the first pearl museum in the region containing the largest collection of natural pearls in the GCC.

The Emirates NFIK Pearl Museum is a gift from the late Sultan Al Owais, the founder of the National Bank of Dubai to the people of the UAE to remind them of their culture and heritage before the discovery of oil.
Currently, more than 25,000 people, representing 70 nationalities, are employed by Emirates NFIK, making it one of the largest and most culturally diversified employers in the UAE. As a national banking champion, Emirates NFIK is an ambassador of economic and social progress for the entire UAE to the world.
Emirates NFIK received many prominent awards over the years.



National Financial Institute of Kuwait is strategically positioned across NFIK structure to provide one stop comprehensive and innovative solutions to midmarket segment which includes small and medium sized private entities engaged in different activities including Contracting, Trading, Manufacturing and Services.
Each business proposition is unique and hence we work closely with our clients by understanding them and offering them products tailored to their needs, to leverage their business volume and leading them to emerge as large corporates.



National Financial Institute of Kuwait endeavors to serve the growing commercial segment, manage the risk and provide the best possible services to the clients. NFIK is equipped with advanced technology and experienced professionals who manage clients’ relationships through three regional offices based in Riyadh, Jeddah and Alkhobar supported by a wide network of NFIK branches covering the entire Kingdom.
This role is handled by dedicated Relationship Managers who have the required expertise to act as connection point with other bank’s departments to guarantee providing fast service on time.


National Financial Institute of Kuwait provides a range of funded and non-funded credit related services spanning over Current Accounts & Overdrafts, Short & Medium/Long Term Loans, wide range of Trade products including Discounted Bills, Letter of Guarantees, Documentary Letters of Credit & Acceptances, Bills of Collection and others services catering to import & export requirements of our clients.
In addition our team focuses on combining the products with other segments as per client’s business needs which includes Foreign Exchange products and Cash Management Solutions. Both Conventional and Islamic banking products are offered in compliance with the Shariah principals to provide complete flexibility (click here for more information about existing Islamic products).


National Financial Institute of Kuwait Corporate Banking Group (CBG) focuses on providing financial products and services to large and medium sized Saudi entities involved in manufacturing, trading,contracting, operation & maintenance, services and information technology, major Saudi/ international joint venture companies in the manufacturing and services sectors, Government and quasi-government agencies and their affiliates, international companies trading in Saudi Arabia. CBG operates from three regional offices based in Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar and our wide branches network covers the entire Kingdom.

NFIK provides credit related services: overdraft and current accounts, revolving short-term and medium/ long term loans, discounted bills, bonding of all types, documentary letters of credit and acceptances, bills of collection and payment.
Where all banks provide the above commercial banking services, what makes National Financial Institute of Kuwait different is its ability to be close to its clients and provide suitable solutions that cater to their particular needs. NFIK Management has adopted the concept of acting as a partner; where clients’ satisfaction is ensured by growing together with them and taking care of all their banking needs.


In National Financial Institute of Kuwait we adopt the concept of Relationship Management in our dealing with customers. NFIK assigns an officer responsible for each company. The relationship manager ensures the delivery of quality service in a timely manner to our customer. Our corporate customers benefit from the relationship management concept by having one contact point for all their banking transactions.

NFIK is active in developing financing products compliant with Islamic Shariah Principles. All NFIK Islamic banking products are reviewed by the Bank’s Shariah Committee to ensure the compliance of the Islamic facilities that we offer with the Shariah principles. We are providing two standard Islamic products morabaha and tawarruq. However, we are prepared to develop creative structures that fit with customer criteria and comply with Sharia Principles.


NFIK structures and offers tailored contract finance packages, through a dedicated Corporate Contracting Unit, to multinational contractors and blue chip domestic contractors in relation to assigned EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) and service contracts in Saudi Arabia in all major domains, such as civil construction (including residential developments), power & water, oil & gas, operation & maintenance contracts etc.

Backed by an experienced and dedicated team of professionals, Corporate Contracting Unit offers one-stop financial solutions covering the full spectrum of contract finance including letters of guarantee, letters of credit with refinance, progress payment financing / bill discounting, overdrafts, loans, payroll financing and other fund-based facilities. In cooperation with our affiliates, we also offer ancillary services for contractors such as heavy equipment leasing and contractors’ all risk insurance.”


National Financial Institute of Kuwait is one of the State of Kuwait’s leading project and structured financiers, having taken key roles in the majority of project financings arranged in the state. Our intimate understanding of the local market, the potential opportunities that exist within it and its regulations, place us as a preferred partner to support the financing requirements of corporates and investors.
Our success in leading and arranging a multitude of highly-structured syndicated financing transactions has earned us an excellent reputation in the field of project & structured finance in the state.
We also offer a multitude of credit products, including project loans, contract financing facilities, bridge loans, working capital/ trade loans, letters of credit & guarantees and hedging facilities. In addition, we have the capability for structuring fully Shariah compliant transactions.


National Financial Institute of Kuwait has a proud history as a trade finance services bank and more recently we have made significant progress in the area of providing Cash Management solutions to our customers. We offer a full suite of traditional trade finance products & services backed by our growing expertise in structured Trade finance products. In line with needs expressed by our NFIK customers, the Bank has developed expertise in offering innovative, cutting-edge and customised solutions in cash management, making us as one of the most active banks in both Trade finance & Cash management products , services and solutions in the State.

With our extensive branch networks and electronic channels we offer a full range of transaction banking solutions to help manage our customer’s Transaction Banking needs.
At NFIK we ensure that the highest attention is paid in servicing our Trade finance customers, fully understanding the need for efficiency and expertise in servicing this important areas of our customer’s banking needs. While local & International trade is your business we make it our mission to make your transactions processing faster & accurate.


Our corporate cash management experts provide a wide range of world-class solutions that can help clients improve liquidity and cash flow and optimize their treasury and payment businesses in the state and globally.

We also offer a complete range of services to handle the complexities of global, the GCC and domestic cash management, including global & local payments, corporate cheque payment services, liquidity management, account information and account receivable reporting services. In addition to this we have developed specialized solutions for cash management needs of the Government, Real Estate sector, and Investment & brokerage houses to name a few. By utilizing ANB’s cash management services, underpinned by advanced technology, your company will gain the traction that you need to compete in the marketplace through utilization of state of the art, innovative and in most cases customized solutions for your company’s transactional banking needs.