The Corporate Banking unit at NFIK works as a financial partner to large corporate entities operating in Kuwait and UAE, whether local companies or international firms, providing a broad range of value added services. Our list of Corporate Banking solutions is designed to help large companies access financing their business goals, in the best suited manner.

Corporate Banking represents the core business of NFIK-UAE. It is one of the bank main asset generator and driver of growth. Over the years, NFIK-UAE has managed to establish and maintain a strong diversified portfolio of private-sector, public-sector and financial institutions, catering to the needs of a well diverse spectrum of industries including but not limited to Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Real Estate Development, Construction, Steel, Textiles, Fertilizers, Oil and Gas as well as Trading and Commercial activities. The bank works in close partnership with its clients to provide financial structures and advisory services to achieve long-term mutual benefits for all parties involved.

The strength of the Corporate Banking and its competitive edge lies in the highly experienced staff and the management commitment to their continuous development and training, as well as the very solid and diverse customer base covering every genre of the economy. Corporate Banking Team strives to meet customer needs and to provide solutions in the field of working capital financing medium & long-term debt, Syndications & Structured Finance, and Trade Finance.

The corporate environment in Kuwait and UAE continues to evolve witnessing dynamic growth and innovation across various business sectors. With a strong focus on the business requirements driven by industry insight, technological innovation and highest commitment to service quality, NFIK’s Corporate Banking aims to provide Shariah compliant products and solutions for its corporate customers.
We believe in nurturing and developing long-term relationships with our customers by understanding their unique financing requirements and offering the most appropriate financing solution.
We offer a comprehensive suite of corporate solutions that meet the requirements of our customers. Our expertise includes:

Thorough understanding of our customer’s business needs In-depth knowledge of varied industry sectors in Kuwait Skill set in offering the right product as per the Shariah rulings


Investment Banking addresses the increasingly diverse needs of our customers for advisory and structured finance solutions. The department is currently offering comprehensive and innovative financial solutions covering corporate finance advisory, capital market products and international banking services in various and diverse range of sectors including oil & gas exploration and distribution, cement, real estate, power generation, electrical and power appliances, industrial gases and medical solutions and pharmaceuticals.

The primary aim is to partner with our customers by suggesting practical, cost-effective and structured solutions so that they can make the most of the business opportunities that arise and maximize their financial returns.
Following range of advisory and structured finance solutions help our customers in pursuing their business strategies and operations:


Imagine a Bank where your queries are addressed immediately and your needs are taken care of instantly. Now you can enjoy similar standard of banking services through NFIK’s dedicated Phone Banking Centre. The centre is equipped with cutting edge technology and skilled Phone Banking Officers who help you with your queries and transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Make your banking experience completely secure, cost effective and effortless by using the NFIK Phone Banking facility. Dial 111-113-442 from your home, office or anywhere else in the world using a touchtone phone and avail NFIK banking assistance at your convenience.


Our enhanced Online Banking services give you an easy, safe and convenient access to your Company’s banking relationship so that you can effectively manage your Company’s finances around the clock from anywhere in the world.

The Financial Institutions Unit was established to provide customers with professional and innovative solutions to their business and financing requirements. The Unit oversees and manages the Bank’s relationships with local non-bank financial institutions and local investment companies and groups by providing and arranging credit facilities on a bilateral or syndicated basis, as well as other corporate finance solutions and services.


NFIK Bank (Kuwait) Limited now provides a banking solution that takes into account the way you live. SMS Banking is a smart way to access your account(s) especially for people on the go. We provide you with immediate access to your account(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so no matter where you are or what time it is, you are always connected. No more waiting in line, get instant access whenever, wherever.
Register yourself for SMS Banking and get complete control of your account from wherever you are because here at NFIK, customer’s comfort is our number one priority.


IBFT is a locally and internationally acclaimed concept of transferring funds instantly from one account to another account. In Kuwait, it is done among different (1Link) member banks’ customers, across the country.

The need for IBFT service has grown with increased awareness, education and enhanced lifestyles of people. It not only eliminates the hassle of writing cheques, making Payment Orders (or demand drafts etc.), but also reduces the cost of transaction significantly, while increasing the outreach of customer.

Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) is a real-time service, where funds are transferred instantly, from one account in a bank to another account of another bank, across the country, round-the-clock.

For NFIK Customers, Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) is currently available on all NFIK ATMs.


NFIK bank Kuwait has maintained bank’s long-standing correspondent banking relationship with over 300 international banks worldwide. This global banking partnership has been managed by the Financial Institutions Department (FID), an essential department of the Treasury Group.

Its mandate is to open, develop, manage and monitor all Nostro/Vostro account arrangements and reciprocity; compile and disseminate L/C exchange information, coordinate with NFIK Banking Group overseas units

Algeria – Bahrain – Egypt – Indonesia – Iraq – Jordan – Lebanon – Libya – Pakistan – Saudi Arabia – South Africa – Tunisia – Turkey –Morocco ; attend to all international operations issues addressed by correspondent banks, domestic divisions and customers; develop a comprehensive global country limit review procedure and establish country limits; recommend appropriate credit limits for banks in addition to the following:

Managing a network of correspondents providing services for outward business generated by the domestic customers of NFIK. It seeks to provide the highest quality service at the best price.
Provides project-related Shariah Complaint guarantees in favor of Kuwait based beneficiaries in coordination with partner banks and bond applicants.
Advising and confirming Letters of Credit in favor of Kuwaiti exporters on behalf of foreign banks.
Ensuring considerate compliance of KYC/AML for all relationships.


With a successful track record of over four decades, a nation-wide network of branches, overseas presence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and supplemented by advanced information technology, NFIK has been providing world-class banking services to corporate houses in Kuwait and UAE. The Bank’s credit policies aim at creating long-term relationships with customers through a professional approach.

NFIK has been offering a broad spectrum of financial products and IT enabled services to Corporate entities engaged in varied sectors of economy such as, power, oil & energy, telecommunications, infrastructure, petrochemicals, financial services, international trade, etc. The range of services offered by the Bank vary from traditional working capital finance to complex structured financial products that take care of complete and varied needs of large projects/multi-national companies.

To take care of the business/industry specific needs of various segments of customers, The Bank has specialized business units viz. Investment Unit, Financial Institutions Unit, Contracting Unit, Services Unit, SME Unit, Corporate Advisory Unit, Trading and Commercial Unit, managed by banking professionals with expert knowledge of these areas. These are supported by Trade Finance and Corporate Merchant Services.


Our commitment to our stakeholders and the communities that we serve
At Emirates NFIK, we recognize that we have responsibilities not only towards our customers, employees, and shareholders, but also to the communities
in which we serve.

Corporate Responsibility not only supports community development, but also sustainable management of our everyday business activities. We know how important it is that banks play a positive role in the economy and society at large. Therefore, we believe that a responsible bank cannot solely be concerned with making a profit.

Sustainability means recognizing the socio-economic issues and that the living conditions in society are inseparably linked. That is why we focus our social investment on high-impact areas such as enhancing the welfare of people with disabilities and raising the financial literacy level of the communities we serve.

By generating an enriched experience for our customers as members of society, we help promote ethics, sustainability, and respect for the community around us. Thus, we believe in creating shared values, together.

Since 2015, Emirates NFIK is proud to have reached over 2 million people through our programmes as we look to enhance impact and contribution to our community. Read more about our efforts in our Sustainability Report 2015-2016 using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard.


Emirates NFIK works to expand opportunity, strengthen our community and improve the quality of life in the under-banked by strategically investing in our social commitments.

Although we occasionally fund a program or organization directly, we more often work with partners such as community institutions to strategically target an impact area.

Organizations with prospective projects should acquaint themselves with Emirates NFIK’s programs that most closely aligns with their activities. Our social investing and program team work together to review proposals.


NFIK-UAE has significant expertise in the field of Structured Finance. It provides its valued customers with non-conventional financing solutions include asset-backed financing, corporate acquisition financing, mezzanine financing, as well as all necessary advisory services.

NFIK-UAE is considered a player in the field of Syndicated Loans. The bank engaged in club deals from the initial origination to distribution, including arranging and structuring. The bank has also participated in numerous landmark syndications and is involved in secondary loan market trading.
The Collection is a product/ service used for settling foreign or local trade payments. The purpose of the Bills for Collection is to provide our customers with a standard method for settling due amounts relating to the import/ export of goods and services.

A collection bill may be sent at the request of our customer (seller-drawer) to collect an amount due for the supply of merchandise, to the buyer (drawee) in accordance with their mutual agreement either for sight payment (D/P basis) or usance payment (D/A basis).

Payment to the seller under usance bills could be guaranteed by National Financial Institute of Kuwait Dubai UAE to the bank credit policy requirements.
Drafts or bills of exchange could be avalized. An aval is an unconditional and irrevocable guarantee by the bank (at buyer end) written on the face of a bill of exchange or promissory note. Collections are governed by the Uniform Rules for Collections, 1995 Revision, ICC Publication No. 522.


The Letter of Guarantee (L/G) is an international trade product/ service that properly meets the needs of the buyers, importers or project owners in securing their contractual agreements with the sellers, exporters or contracting companies. It has therefore become a standard requirement and due to its wide usage, its purpose has expanded to various other types of payment obligations.

A Letter of Guarantee is a written undertaking given by a bank (The Guarantor) for the payment of a stated amount of money (letter of guarantee value) to another party (Beneficiary or Oblige) on presentation in conformity with the terms of the undertaking of a written demand for payment and other documents as may be specified in the guarantee at the request or on the instructions and under the liability of a party/ bank (the principal/the instructing party).

The main purpose of this product is to guarantee payment to the beneficiary regardless of any objection or contestation from any other party.
Letter of Credit (L/C) is one of the most frequently used payment mechanism in the international trade. Usually it satisfies the buyer (importer) need for credit and the seller (exporter) desire for cash.

A Letter of Credit is an irrevocable arrangement and constitutes a definite undertaking of the issuing bank to honor a complying presentation meaning a presentation that is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Letter of Credit, the applicable provisions of these rules and international standard banking practice.


International Banking Division provides credit facilities to Banks, Sovereigns and Foreign Entities or Local Entities for international transactions, maintains correspondent banking relationships and oversees management of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Branches. The Division focuses on managing a strategic geographical diversification of its credit portfolio and continues year-on-year record performance in terms of portfolio volume growth and profitability. IBD consists of two Business Units, in addition to Dubai and Abu Dhabi Branches.


The Unit oversees and manages the Bank’s relationships with local and foreign Financial Institutions. It provides credit facilities both Commercial and Treasury to international and local Banks and Sovereign Credits in order to achieve diversification of its portfolio.

The Unit’s responsibilities cover the establishment of Country and Bank lines for conducting Commercial and Treasury Business with worldwide banks. Its commercial activities include bilateral / syndicated loans, risk-participation, LCs, LGs, etc; for more details, please contact


NFIK-UAE offers its retail clients a superior range of account related services. We offer current, savings, call and deposit accounts in local and selective foreign currencies. For these accounts we offer attractive related services such as remittance, standing orders, check collection services etc. NFIK in the UAE offer one of the best interest rates on individual and corporate term deposits.


NFIK-UAE has an active treasury and dealing room, which provides comprehensive money market and foreign exchange solutions. We offer competitive exchange rates on foreign currency transactions both spot and forward as well as through derivative products. NFIK-UAE is also an active player in the inter-bank money market.

As the longest-standing Kuwaiti bank in the UAE we are well positioned to offer in particular very competitive rates on Kuwaiti Dinar FX and deposits.


With an objective to serve the entities participating in the major government projects under Kuwait Development Plan, the bank opened its Infrastructure Unit in 2014.

Infrastructure Unit serves the financial needs of the corporates, both in private and public sector, executing large value contracts as well as directly financing the projects. This unit has expertise in providing tailor made banking solutions for large Infrastructure projects (EPC, PPP, BOT, BOO projects) in addition to financing a variety of very large value contracts across various sectors.

Unit’s offerings include wide variety of financing products structured in line with specific needs of the contracts/projects, full range of cash facilities (i.e. Overdraft/ Bills Discounting and Purchase/ Term Loans/ Short Term Line for Loans/ Revolving Loans/ Loans against Contracts etc., Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantees, Derivatives for hedging FOREX and interest rate risks)
NFIK is a large player in Point of Sale (POS) offerings to leading merchants in Qarar with a large range of POS terminals available at major retailers, super markets, money exchange counters, etc.
The Point-of-Sale terminals are driven by Knet system which accepts all locally issued debit cards and all the major credit cards.

The payment gateway services allows merchants to view funds collected for their products and services over the internet. Both merchants and end users can access the payment gateway over the Internet.


Form 1098 is a form filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that details the amount of interest and related expenses paid on a mortgage during the tax year. Form 1098 is used to report interest payments made by an individual or sole proprietor to the government for tax purposes. The form is issued by the lender or other entity receiving the interest to the borrower who can use the information to deduct the interest paid from his or her taxable income.

1098’s (Interest Paid on your Home Loans) will be mailed to your home address by January 31.

The interest paid and homeowners insurance (Escrow) you paid on your mortgage will be included in your monthly statement, normally the October through December statements.

You can view your City Opens in New Window and County Opens in New Window taxes paid at these links if you live in these counties.

With its leading position in the Kuwaiti banking sector and dominance in contract financing, NFIK is ideally placed to meet the financing requirements of large companies engaged in executing high-value infrastructure projects such as construction of roads & bridges, power & oil sector installations, pipeline projects, large housing projects, etc.

The specialized Contract Financing Unit, backed by a well-experienced team of professionals, offers one-stop financial solutions to companies engaged in diversified engineering, civil construction and maintenance contracting businesses.

The facilities offered by the Bank addresses the entire contract financing requirements from tinder guarantees for contract bidding till completion of the project.


As NFIK, it is our intention to provide a wide selection of quality products and services at little or no cost to members. In an effort to keep membership fees at a minimum, we compare our charges to other area financial institutions. While we would prefer to serve members without imposing any fees, as a not-for-profit financial cooperative, it is imperative that we recover administrative costs associated with some of the services that we provide. Be assured that we will continue to strive to be the best and most affordable provider of financial services to our members.

Effective October 20, 2015. Please refer to the appropriate account agreement and truth-in-savings disclosures for complete account information and fees. Subject to change.