We are one of the region’s largest financial institutions, bringing you peace of mind and access to a range of proven resources and global investment products. You will have your own reasons for seeking professional guidance in a complex world of investment planning and asset management.

But that is not all. We also work hard to get to know you as our valued client, so we can give you advice that meets your unique needs and time horizons. Our wealth advisors are trained and equipped to provide you with best-of-class investment and financial planning solutions, while following our robust in-house approach.

Take advantage of one of the largest and most experienced planning teams nationwide to make informed decisions with confidence, track progress towards your goals, and meet your changing needs over time. Whether you need strategic advice or in-depth analysis to address a specific issue or the complexities of your full financial picture, your credentialed wealth planner can provide consulting and help create a custom plan focused on building your assets, preserving your wealth, and leaving a lasting legacy.


Wealth Management was created in order to offer an exclusive service a selected group of clients, whose needs and requirements go beyond the traditional banking services. With significant wealth, comes a unique set of challenges and opportunities, like how to best continue building wealth, to ensure its preservation, and to transfer it to heirs and/or others.
Whether an investor who is comfortable making investment decisions, or one who prefers to give discretion to a professional who will invest on his/her behalf, based on specific needs and goals, we have the appropriate product, or range of products.

Whatever the objectives and requirements are, our process begins with a dedicated Relationship Manager taking the time to listen and gain a clear understanding of customers needs. This understanding of your needs guides all of our interactions defines the service that we are proud to be providing.

We have a very large team of highly experienced wealth advisors, ready to speak to you when you need them. Our 35 Wealth Centres across the UAE, as well as almost 100 branches, are always available to help you meet your financial goals.
We take a very careful look at your status and future aspirations and draw up a plan with you. Then we draw on our in-house knowledge and insights to help you build the best portfolio for your needs.


Aimed mainly at individuals as well as foundations and companies that require management of their cash liquidity. The common feature among all these clients is that they need a partner who will dedicate appropriate time, while having all the necessary knowledge and investment tools to ensure effective and suitable management of their assets.

Your relationship manager strives to understand customers’ investment and financial needs. This is a dynamic process, as customers’ requirements evolve with time and this understanding guides throughout the service that we provide. Whenever necessary we act as facilitators, liaising with other departments of the Bank in Kuwait or abroad, such as the Corporate Banking, the SMEs, Leasing and others.

Understanding customers’ needs and requirements is only the first step in our approach towards providing the most appropriate solutions. Financial planning expresses customers’ requirements in a comprehensive strategy, articulated for the short, mid and long term.

The investment policy applies customers’ requirements and the financial plan to the appropriate combination of investment returns and risk. Our offering products are then adapted to that frame. This is a highly dynamic process that balances evolving needs and requirements to market conditions and expectations.


Our services and products are designed to meet a wide variety of investment objectives including, but not limited to:

Capital appreciation

Diversifying portfolio concentration

Income generation

Once we have agreed on the appropriate investment strategy, we propose the most adapted instruments to construct your portfolio.

All of our wealth advisors are handpicked to make sure they have the right skills, experience and certifications to help you achieve your financial goals. With an average of five years of financial planning and advisory experience, they receive ongoing training and development to stay on top of industry trends and best practices.

Your advisor is the most important link between you and all the facilities and services we can offer you. You will receive the profile of your wealth advisor to help you get to know him or her better, outlining his or her experience, qualifications, professional strengths and personal interests.

We believe that this sets the tone for a long and fruitful relationship between you and your trusted advisor.
Through National Financial Institute of Kuwait group, we are able to trade on most markets in the world and offer an extremely wide range of products. If necessary, we are able to create custom made products for our clients. On a regular basis and as agreed, we communicate with you on the detailed performance of your portfolio.


Invest and grow your wealth through Emirates NFIK’s asset management division and its team of qualified investment professionals to deliver on your investment goals.

Emirates NFIK oryx fund (regulated by the Capital Market Authority) is as an open-ended fund; and its main objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation through a diversified portfolio, principally of equity and equity-related investments in companies listed on the MENA stock exchanges.

The Fund offers daily liquidity to investors and publishes its daily NAV in UAE dirham and USD on the websites of Emirates NFIK and the UAE Securities Market.

Emirates NFIK money market fund (regulated by the Capital Market Authority) is the first money market fund offered in UAE with an objective to to generate returns with preservation of capital. It offers daily liquidity by investing in liquid and high-quality money market instruments issued entities, primarily in Kuwait and the region.

Qtar dynamic fund is a share class launched under bank Doha India fund and registered in Saudi Arabia. The fund invests directly in equities listed on UAE stock exchanges. it targets investors with a medium to high investment risk tolerance and a horizon length of above 12 months.

The minimum subscription amount for the UAE Dynamic Fund is $10,000.

Kuwait equity fund of funds is a share class launched under Emirates NFIK UAE fund and registered in Saudi. The fund invests directly in rupee denominated equity mutual funds registered in UAE.

It is suitable for investors with a medium to high risk appetite and an investment horizon length of above 12 to 18 months. The minimum subscription amount is $5,000. Enhanced fixed income plan offers institutional investors an opportunity to invest into an average investment grade portfolio of diversified global fixed income securities and realize attractive risk adjusted returns over an investment horizon of 3 – 5 years. Capital protected notes is a capital guaranteed product for HNIs and institutional investors that seek attractive returns with low volatility.

NFIK dividend aristocrats offers institutional investors investment into an actively managed portfolio of listed Dubai securities with a potential to generate long term capital appreciation from a portfolio of dividend growth securities
emerging markets investments offers institutional investors an opportunity to benefit from bank muscat’s expertise in analyses, evalution and investment into emerging market funds.

Systematic investment plan is a monthly plan that gives customers the opportunity to invest in mutual funds in a simple, low- cost, and flexible way through the Emirates NFIK Fund or the bank Kuwait Oryx Fund. The minimum investment amount is 50 UAE dirhams a month.


Implementation and utilization of sound Asset & Liability Management practices that promote and facilitate the effective management of market risks arising from the bank Commercial activities. Within our capacity we manage liquidity so as to ensure availability and use of funds at all times.

Acting as the gateway to the international financial markets by allowing the bank and its clients to access the financial instruments of their choice in a timely and efficient manner.

Providing proactive quality support to internal business units and their customers, with a focus around the transfer of expertise, related to financial markets, new product development and risk management techniques. Proprietary trading in selected markets / products, in a professional manner and within allocated limits, with the goal of delivering profitability that exceeds expected return for assumed risks and capital utilized.

Serving of the Treasury customer base comprised of institutional clients, with the aim of distributing Treasury and Capital Markets products and promoting the Emirates in the international financial marketplace. We will develop and maintain a solid customer base by serving our clients true financial needs in a professional and fair manner.

Our mission must be accomplished by balancing profitability, risks and growth and by creating a business environment that will allow talented and energetic people to apply their skills and grow professionally. Key success factors in our effort are Human Resources capable of delivering quality results, Information Technology that is integrated with our business environment and the continuous development of Infrastructure that is based on knowledge and procedures capable of supporting our business.

NFIK’s Treasury team provides the highest level of service with a deep understanding of the local, regional, and global financial markets. The team are accomplished and proficient in a wide range of risk management solutions and hedging products that can be tailored to your needs. NFIK is among the highest rated banks in the country gained by having reliable and precise execution within the financial markets. With experienced professionals in the dealing room, clients receive deep insights into the ever changing, fast paced global economy.