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National Financial Institute of Kuwait as the first investment bank in Kuwait and the most innovative financial solution provider want to play a more influential, strategic role in guiding the business forward. NFIK a leading banking Group in middle east.

National Financial Institute of Kuwait is seeing its historical profit centers eroded by technology and regulations. Core processes are being automated or commoditized. From IPOs, to M&A, to research and trading, investment banks are getting smaller, leaner, and scrambling to keep up with innovations.

Based on this trend, NFIK is embraced intelligent machines and automating commodity functions.

Online Business Banking

Our enhanced Online Banking services give you an easy, safe and convenient access to your Company’s banking relationship so that you can effectively manage your Company’s finances around the clock from anywhere in the world.

Business Plan Acccount

NFIK offers Checking, Savings, Investments, Teen, and Youth/Student accounts. We also now offer Business Accounts to help members start a new business or offer funding for current business needs.


National Financial Institute of Kuwait as stated in the Monetary and Banking Act of Kuwait (MBAK), NFIK is responsible for the design and implementation of the monetary and credit policies with due regard to the general economic policy of the country.


Our goal is to provide you with all of the services you will need to succeed financially. Along the way, we are committed to providing you with responsive, personalized service, and keeping you informed about new services that may be of immediate interest to you,

About Us

The National Financial Institute of Kuwait is a public corporate entity responsible for maintaining monetary and financial stability in the Sate of Kuwait. It is also the single integrated regulator of Kuwait’s financial industry.It succeeded the Kuwait Monetary Agency, which had previously carried out central banking and regulatory functions since its establishment in 1973.